Everdrone UAV / Drone Services

Everdrone inspection, photography, and videography services are available for the energy and other industries. If you are interested in using Everdrone for inspections or other drone services and do not see the industry listed below, please send us a message to get in contact with our team and discuss available options for your industry.

drone agriculture inspection begins

Proactive preventative maintenance can be challenging for extremely large solar farms, but is critical to the solar industry and solar installations.


Deterioration of wind turbine blades and the accompanied mechanical parts can cause reduced energy production and costly damages if ignored.


Technological advances have made it easier to spot potential issues internal to the gears and to springs previously missed by the naked eye.


Traditional labor intensive means of inspecting your farm instead of aerial drone inspections wastes unnecessary amounts of time and money.


Regular drone inspections of cell towers can safely recognize minor issues to help maintenance teams efficiently and accurately address repairs.


Efficient and instant map processing through construction drone inspections will give you the ability to collect data faster and receive a higher ROI.

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