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The Future of Industry Inspections

Everdrone is owned and operated by UAS professionals with the vision for processes made simpler by use of drones. We aim to do this through honest work and long-standing partnerships. We create and execute a streamlined workflow for gathering images and data for analysis tailored to your company needs. Integrated with cloud-based software, we produce 3D maps, compare current data with projected data, and acquire educated insights to your field.

Everdrone Inspection Services Process

Mission Planning
Inspection Flight
Data Analysis
Work with your company to create a streamlined process and workflow of what needs inspected. Using top-of-the-line equipment and leading software, our pilots will either plan a human-flown, autonomous, or combined mission.
After the mission is planned, our UAS pilots will arrive on scene and launch the mission. We will gather video, images, and data to be sent to our team for mapping and analysis.
Our team will generate 2D and 3D maps to use for data analysis.
Our team will inspect for wear, defects, and non-functional elements and take measurement data (where applicable).
Once the mission has been completed, we are able to provide digital copies of the photos/videos taken for review using our cloud based software.
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